Poker Rakeback Deals FAQ
Find out why you’re giving money away if you don’t have a poker-rakeback deal associated with your online poker account.

What is Rakeback?

Rake is the money which a poker room takes from the player in the form of tournament fees, as well as from hands in cash-games. Usually the rake is a few of small percent of the pot (in a cash-game) with a cap at around $3 at the highest limits. There is also rake on tournaments and SNGs where a portion portion of the buy in goes to the prize pool, and a small fee goes to the poker site. Rake is paid in all games of poker, from Pot limit omaha and Razz to 7-Card Stud and No Limit Hold’em.

Rakeback is a special deal whereby players get a refund of a percentage of the rake taken by the poker room from the player in a given time-period. With a rakeback deal, poker players receive a percentage of the rake which they contribute to the poker room back. If you play a lot of SNGs, cashgames or tournaments – a rakeback deal can mean that you will get back hundreds or thousands of £/euro/$ per month, depending on the volume of play you put in.

A normal Rakeback offer usually ranges from 20% to 40%, however but sometimes players can get an even better offer.

What is a poker VIP / Loyalty Program?

Some poker sites don’t permit affiliates (sites like rake360 which promote their poker rooms) to give flat % based rakeback rewards to their customers. or even to mention the term ‘rakeback’ in the same sentence as their product. Giving a flat % of rakeback to every player (even the guy who plays 1 SNG a month) doesn’t make financial sense for all of the poker sites – so many instead offer a tiered VIP / poker loyalty program which will offer similar rewards as a flat % rakeback deal, but only offering the big rebate to ‘good’ customers (those who play a lot).

Rakeback Example

If you rake $1000 in one month, you will get $350 back with a 35% Rakeback deal. The more you rake, the more you get back.

Poker Rakeback Stats
In this picture the player has raked €1630.46. Based on a 30% Rakeback Deal, the player will get €489.13 paid into their account on the day rakeback is paid.

How do I sign up for a rakeback or poker loyalty program deal?

Rake360 is focused on offering only the top deals to everyone. Simply join the poker site of choice via our site, then register your details with us and you will be all set up with the best deal available on the site you choose, as well as eligible for all of our promotions and excellent customer support.

Are there ‘under the table’ rakeback deals that feature good value?

Some under the table deals out there, but be extremely wary : These deals often turn out to be scams. Because they are not official deals, the party who gives you such a deal does so on the basis of an informal mutual agreement, (meaning neither party carries any responsibility in a setup like this whatsoever, and the party offering the rakeback deal may back out at any time.

Can I get rakeback on my existing account on poker site X?

Unfortunately you probably can’t. There are poker rooms though that will convert your existing account to a rakeback account under the right circumstances. Contact us about any such move you intend to make, and we’ll will do our negotiate with the poker room on your behalf. If the room which you already have an account on is on a network, you can simply join one of the other skins on the network via our site to attain a rakeback or VIP deal on the same site.

What is Poker Cashback? Is it the same as rakeback?

From the player’s perspective it is. From the poker room’s perspective it’s not. Rooms that had a network-wide policy against rakeback offered cashback as an alternative in the past, however this practice is not very common.

Is it OK if I create an account at the poker room first and then contact you for rakeback?

No, it’s not OK. If you create an account at the room first, you’ll be stuck with an account with no rakeback, for life!. Poker rooms don’t generally allow multiple accounts (some have been known to ban players for ‘multi-accounting’) so make sure you have your deal set up before you make your first deposit!

How do I get the money I earn through rakeback?

Poker rooms usually transfer the amount due automatically into your poker account on the last day of the month (however some poker rooms pay rakeback in the middle of the month, or weekly)



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